Exploring Cambridge

The last stop on our tour of the south was Cambridge. After 2 hour drive from Oxford & a trip to Bicester village on the way, we arrived at our last destination. We sadly only had a few hours here as we (I) had to face a gruelling 5 hour drive home afterwards, so we made it short but sweet. 

Harry Potter locations in Oxford

The 3rd stop on our roadtrip of the south was Oxford. Known for its excessive house prices, prestigious university, and many, many Harry Potter locations. I naturally scoured our as many as we could in our very limited time there & got a lil' too giddy at the thought.. Like, am I dreaming? I am actually fortunate enough to have been brought up with the most magical series going, but then I can actually go driving around this majestic country with my wonderful Mum & spend my time finding certain locations featured in my fave films..? Surreal. 

The dreamy Cotswolds

By now, we all know I love the countryside. So, on a tour of the south, the Cotswolds had to make a rather large appearance. Countryside, greenery & gorgeous houses in abundance. It was every bit as perfect as I had imagined it to be, & more.

Falling in love with Bath

Mum & I recently embarked on a road trip of the south. We're so lucky to live so central in the country. Either end is a maximum 5 hour drive away, at most. It's so easy to drive around & explore, yet we hadn't done it before. 22 years here & most of it has gone unseen. We had a lil research, picked out a few places, booked a few hotels & set off. Just us two, my car, tonnes of snacks (imperative) & Spotify. 5 days, seeing a different city each day. Our first stop was Bath. 

Summer at Speke Hall

I'll admit I'm a little bit in love with nature. Ok, alot in love. Being outdoors, seeing all the perfect, natural wonders of the world entwined in one another, creating a calming & utterly overwhelmingly perfect place makes me too happy. Saying this, it's pretty obvious I'm partial to a National Trust outing (or three). Not you're average 22 year old's idea of a good day out, but nevertheless. Some like alcohol, I like the outdoors. 

Brits abroad: Observations

Turkey is a what I would class as a classic 'brit abroad' destination. A common package holiday, not too long haul, guaranteed beautiful sunshine & well catered/easily adaptable for the British way of life. On a recent trip there, it was relatively easy to spot the Brits from the heard. We (sometimes myself included) all posses & uphold certain characteristics that are classics of the stereotypical Brit on their summer vacay.